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Are We Making a Difference…measuring & evaluating the outcomes of our programs & services

Town of Redwater: This was epic!  My understanding of outcomes has increased!

T. H. : This was REALLY helpful! Thank you

A. L. : Brenda this was GREAT!  Thank you.

A. T. : Very good information. Thanks!

B. W. : A reminder of how important the stories are…..

C. J. : Saskatoon Health Region: Thanks for a valuable webinar!

C. R. :...and this session was EPIC, I agree. Thank you so much!

J. M. : Thank you, Brenda, for this very informative webinar.  The outcomes of this session have been achieved. I feel more confident in measuring & evaluating outcomes of the program, services and fundraising ventures for Volunteer Lethbridge

N. S., City of Hamilton: Brenda thank you for this interesting session. Great learning experience.

H. F. : Thanks Brenda and Byron.  I am very thankful that I took part in this webinar and have learned some new tools to apply.

D.L. MacL.: Clearly delivered and greatly appreciated.

City of St. Albert: There were many valuable tips and tools for taking back to evaluate our programs/services.

S. : This session was great; very helpful in ‘changing my thinking’ on the how-to of outcome measurement.

P. / Alberta Science Literacy Association: I now have much clearer understanding of outcome measurement and how I can utilize this within my organization Thank you SO much!

J. S. : Awesome!  Brenda’s passion combined with her wealth of knowledge made the information easy to understand and ultimately easy to apply.

Cheryl Nattrass: Thanks, Brenda - this was very helpful.  I look forward to the follow-up workshop as well.

City of Edmonton CRCs:: Thank you!

Kim Heatherington: This really has shown me we are on the right track took some really key points away with me.  Really looking forward to the follow up workshop

Jennifer Sinclair: This is my second time taking this webinar and I would take it again!  Brenda is a wealth of knowledge and makes a complicated topic easy to understand and apply.  Thank you.

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Asset-Based Community Development

L. McL. : Great presentation – thank you! I’ve learned about ABCD before but your presentation gave more in-depth info and questions/processes that could be used to carry it out.

R. T. : I really enjoyed the session.

S. P. : Great Webinar! Thanks for holding it.

D. D. : Thanks for the great information from today’s seminar… your presentation was very relevant (and timely) to see.

S. R. : The information was very useful and applicable to our positions.

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Communicate! A Beginner’s look at Social Media

Brenda Herchmer: Thanks Janet. Very useful information and your quirky sense of humour made it fun!

Shelley Higgerty: It opens up the idea of which application is the most effective for your needs.

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Community Conversations: Exploring World Café and Open Space Technology

A. R. C. - Hinton: It was very valuable…  Thank you…

J. F. : Great information Barb, thanks for the opportunity to participate.

J. & M. : Thanks Barb, we learned a lot!

L. L. : Good stuff once again! Thanks Barb and Byron!

C. H. : Found this very helpful.

F. S. : Excellent session. Thank you Barb.

G. S. : Great presentation and format.

D. R. : Excellent learning opportunity thank you.

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Creative Ideas for Motivating Seniors Part 2: Music and Props

M. H. : Excellent, thanks!!!

M. B. : Thanks - great ideas were shared!

I. B. : Thanks for all the great moves. Very simple and yet inspiring

S. D. : will remember this daily, so good… thanks so much!

S. W. :Thanks Michelle - great ideas..

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Facilitation Techniques for Community Building: Let’s Meet and Talk in your Community!

K. W. :I am excited to try Appreciative Inquiry and the Community Mapping techniques in my community!

C. H. :great overview - can’t wait to dig into some of these further

S. B. :Great - thank you.  Some components were a review/have used/experienced and some was new - can’t wait to try the new pieces.

J. : Thank you Barb & Byron - excellent info & sharing session!!

K. W. :Thank you both for making this workshop happen!

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Energize Your Everyday (AKA Keeping Your Sanity through the Christmas Celebrations!)

C. M.: Thoroughly enjoyed the session.

T. H.: Excellent! I’m looking forward to more of these types of webinars.

J.N. :What a FANTASTIC webinar, Michelle!  Loved it!

A. L. M. :Thanks so much… I really enjoyed the workshop…!!! I am ready for the rest of the day!!

B. H. : A most informative webinar! I feel better already.

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Igniting ChooseWell in Your Community

Stephanie Cross- Town of Rainbow Lake: Thank you!! Very Informative!!!

Teresa Tupper: Thank you

Jodi Chadney Vegreville & District FCSS: Thank you so much for the direction!

Jessica Doucette: Thanks for the meeting. Take care!

Tanya Shand: Thank you!

Adrian Pidhirney: Thanks for all the info!

Carol Lynn Babiuk: Glad to see the new format is less competitive.  Great webinar!

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Introduction to Community Building

Elise Willison & Staff: Looking forward to learning more courses

Leanne Hall: Thank you!  I am looking forward to learning more!

Michele Geistlinger-Longview A R C Society: I strongly believe if the ACE program had not come along when it did that Longview may have been swallowed up by the M.D. Thank you ACE!!!

Carolyn Kindrachuk: Really enjoyed this webinar and am looking forward to finding out more about the Master Community Building certificate.
Sue Drader: Just bringing this group together was an excellent way to build community. Love to hear of what other people are doing no matter what scale they are doing it on. THANK YOU!

Clinton Boyda: Coaching certification will be a welcome asset to our team.

Jackie Harray, Viking Skating Club: Loved the opportunity to participate in this webinar. Effective, economical and one of a kind for community-minded people!

Wendy Kinsman: Excellent webinar that provides a clear understanding of the language, definitions and benefits of community building to citizens, government and their communities.  Your interactive style and references are invigorating, motivating, knowledgable and exrtremely respectful. I am thrilled to be continuing my ongoing learnings in this field to better myself as both an employee in the field and as a volunteer who hopes to make small beautiful changes in my communities.

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Outcome Tools: Incorporating Concepts into Operations

C. H. : Great presentation Deb - thank you for the information and the illustrations.

S. E. : Thank you Deb. Very informative. Lots of great ideas and tools to take away.

B. J. : Thank you, this was very well done!!!

D. : Thanks for the presentation, very informative.

J. F. : Deb, great review of outcomes material as well as some new information.  Look forward to reading the information in more detail after the webinar.

D. R. : Excellent take aways and great presentation Deb thanks.

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Resources for Recreation and Parks Academics

B. & S. : Sarah and I would like to say thank-you for hosting this informative webinar. Very interesting!

J. F. : The webinar was a reminder of the great resources i.e., benefits hub that we have that I need to visit more often.  Great update on the service exellence project.

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Service Excellence in Municipal Recreation: What is it and how do we ensure we’re delivering it?

S. S. : Thanks to all for this webinar - very informative.

A. L. : Thank you…lots to think about!

K. W. :  ...The best webinar I’ve ever participated in!

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Stress and Burnout: An Introduction

V. G. : Thank you—This has been awesome!

D. R. : Great presentation thank you! I will work to bring about change in my life based on the learnings here today.

J. R. : Great song to end the session with.  Great information to think about and work on. Thanks, Leslie!

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Working Effectively and Enthusiastically as a Team

T. D. : Thank you, looking forward to other webinars now!

M. L. : Thank you so much.  This was FUN!  Look forward to the next ACE Webinar.

L. L. : Techniques to foster an effective team! Fantastic..thanks!

C. N. : Thank you, Barb - this is the best webinar I have attended.  Lots of opportunity for participation and engagement. Very good material and good suggestions on where to get more and how to use it.  This session will definitely make a change in the way I work with teams.

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