Communicate! A Beginner’s look at Social Media

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March 21, 2012 @ 10:00 AM MDT for 1.5 Hrs

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Have you ever wondered about the hoopla around social media? Are you on Facebook? Do you blog or tweet? But more importantly, should you? This webinar will demonstrate for participants how various types of social media (like blogging, tweeting, videos, and the use of a website) have become an essential part of ACE Communities’ communication strategies. The reality is that social media is becoming more and more synonymous with community engagement every day. So while you might not have to be a master at the art of social media, you at least need to know what options are out there!

Participants will learn:

- An introduction to the various forms of social media
- The experience of ACE Communities as a case study to show how one organization is using social media

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